How Video Facilitates Better Business Communication

The modern era that we live and work in requires a modern approach to how we conduct and express ourselves. Technology and how it continues to evolve is an integral part of business communication and understanding how to leverage that technology to your advantage will only help to further facilitate growth and optimized function for your business.

The use of video across digital platforms and networks has grown exponentially over the past few years; it’s easily digestible content that people engage with more so than other types of content. Video is also a great way to make connections for the purpose of effective business communication.

‘Technology adoption and expectations in the workplace have evolved. Business leaders are taking cues from consumer applications to update how users communicate in a more connected, digitized workplace. The influx of mobile devices and apps in the workplace has led to an irreversible Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. Fortified with communication apps, users want to bring their choice of meeting and collaboration anywhere anytime. Cloud is a key enabler changing the way technology is being delivered,” noted Frost & Sullivan Enterprise Communications & Collaboration Industry Director Roopam Jain. “Advanced collaboration tools such as video conferencing and web-based content sharing meet the needs of today’s digital users and enhance business through more effective communications.”‘ (source:

At NuEdge Communications your business communication specialist, we are able to help optimize how your businesses connects and communicates. Whether through unified communication techniques, mobility collaboration & conferencing and the like, we can meet your specific needs.

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