How An Effective Structured Cabling Network Improves the Hospitality Industry



Structured cabling is the backbone of your business network infrastructure and allows for the most effective business operations. A business’ data (accounting & financial transactions), voice and video content travel on it, making the need for an effective system essential. At NuEdge Communications our 20+ years of experience is essential to our brand. Developing and maintaining quality infrastructure ensures our clients have the necessary access to their network. This allows businesses of all industries to function at the highest level possible. So, what type of businesses gain the most from this solution? Quality structured cabling networks continue to greatly impact the hospitality industry.

Impact on Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry (restaurants, hotels, etc.) is fast paced and requires an equally fast network which can support it. An effective structured cabling network ensures businesses in this industry are able to successfully meet and exceed demand by offering the right data communications solution. It also optimizes the ability to do more when necessary. A published article from Hospitality Technology best explains how the hospitality industry is affected by structured cabling and also what it can mean for the future. “Hospitality networks around the world are becoming progressively choked by the integration of bandwidth-hungry Internet-based applications. The growing usage of streaming video content, integration of digital voice services into the LAN, video conferencing and other online activities not only contribute to the bandwidth dilemma, but also can pose significant security issues to conventional copper-based networks. Reliability and future-proofing: Fiber offers high-performance bandwidth over much greater distances than copper-based infrastructures.”(

A Business You Can Trust

Those within the business will be able to do their job at the highest level, which in turn allows clients to receive the best quality of service possible. At NuEdge Communications our team of professionals will work closely with your business to provide the perfect solution. Some of our options designed to facilitate the best structured cabling Ottawa network include (but not limited to):

  • Cat5, Cat6
  • Fiber Optics
  • Coax cables
  • HDMI and Audio Video wiring

We take pride in offering quality communication products and services for our clients, so they can achieve optimal business functionality.  As technology shifts and evolves, we can also help build an effective strategy in order to facilitate positive growth; essentially ensuring that any new business communication developments are an organic evolution that makes sense for your particular company. This also can provide the ability to take your business in the direction you want. When you future proof your business the possibilities are endless. Learn more about our structured cabling solutions and contact us today!

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