How Unified Communications Can Evolve With Your Business

How Unified Communications Can Evolve With Your Business - NuEdge Communications

The internet revolutionized the world and vastly impacted how business is conducted. Through faster access to information and effective data transfer, business processes improved. They also enhance how people separated by great distances connect. Unified communication applies the capabilities of the internet (data acquisition, email, instant messaging) with physical communication devices (phone, fax, etc.). This creates a better and more fully integrated technological architecture. A unified communication structure now allows businesses to manage all their communication portals from one place. This has been the working reality, but the important question to ask now is: what’s next for unified communication?

How Unified Communication Will Evolve

The future is uncertain, but the path communication technology is on makes it easier to gauge where things may be headed. According to a TechTarget article titled The Evolution of Unified Communications Technologies, “UC is very much a vendor-driven concept; first-generation vendors created the market, other technologies evolved at a faster pace. Technologies keep evolving, and new applications will emerge as they respond to changing work styles. Another emerging trend to watch is artificial intelligence, and we’re just starting see its effect on enterprise communications.” (source: Jon Arnold,

NuEdge Communications

In this digital age, the need for a professional business assessment is more relevant than ever. An expert consultation helps determine the best methods to promote effective business processes.  Understanding the impact improved technology has on business facilitates positive growth. For more than twenty years NuEdge Communications has been defining, developing and delivering unique voice and network solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. We make it a point to best tailor our approach for the organization in question, and since we are an independent company we are able to source the best products from companies such as Avaya and Mitel including both on premise solutions as well as Hosted solutions, utilizing the Cloud. Click here to learn more about our unified communication service and contact us to schedule a consultation.

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