The Benefits of Visual Voicemail

Technology has made how we are able to communicate and interact with each other much easier; no matter how clean and simplified things become, the majority of people consume content in a visual way. This means that traditional methods such as a voicemail system must adapt itself to work a more visual way for those receiving the messages. Enter visual voicemail.

“Visual voicemail is a nice feature in modern phone systems, especially in VoIP calling service, that allows you to check your voicemail with some enhanced options and transcribed into text. With visual voicemail, you have a list of the voicemail messages displayed on your phone’s screen or that of your computer. You also have a menu with several options, just like for email. The options allow you to navigate, arrange, manage, listen, re-listen, delete, call back, send back a message etc.

Benefits of Visual Voicemail 
• Visual voicemail has the advantage of giving you, in one glimpse, a series of important information about all the voicemail messages, like the caller, time, duration etc. This allows you to save a tremendous amount of time, that which you would have spent with traditional audio voicemail retrieval.

• With your voicemail transcribed into written text, it is easier for you to access them anywhere. You no longer need audio hardware for retrieving your messages. Your email suffices, and this is available everywhere.” (Nadeem Unuth,

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