Voicemail and the Modern Business System

When it comes to your business communication system and its operation, staying on the cutting edge is important. There are many businesses that exist which offer similar products and services that are in competition with each other for your business. This means not only staying up-to-date with latest and greatest technologies, but having a thorough understanding of how they work is crucial. However, this doesn’t mean that older tech isn’t still useful..in fact, it can sometimes help to bridge the gap!

“Most businesses will have a Private Branch Exchange (PBX), a telephone system within their enterprise that switches calls between enterprise users on local connectivity while allowing all users to share a certain number of external paths with dial tone. This enables organizations to save on the cost of requiring a dedicated connection for each user to the telephone company’s central office. In addition to making and receiving phone calls, a modern system allows you to do so much more. While voicemail has been around for many years, a modern system enables businesses to receive an email with the transcribed voicemail or have the voicemail time stamped and sent to an inbox which can be easily forwarded to other employees to listen to. Phone calls can be recorded for means of quality control and assessment and are also useful for training purposes.”

At NuEdge Communications, your business communication specialists, our professional business systems team can help your business upgrade to the best system to meet your needs. To make things even better, all NuEdge upgraded systems come with the voicemail to email service included. Let us help your business stay connected and develop a new edge on your competition.

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