Wi-Fi and Potential Security Challenges

Wi-Fi and Possible Security Risks

As a business, offering free wi-fi access to potential clients as a tool to further promote engagement with your brand isn’t without it’s challenges; on the one hand, who doesn’t love free wi-fi? On the other, if your system isn’t properly and effectively protected, you run the risk of creating potential security issues for said potential clients which can have them not wanting to further engage with your company.

From the perspectives of both the consumer and provider, technological awareness is crucial. Here are some important things that consumers especially should consider whenever using a company’s public wi-fi:

‘Use Security Software: One of the best ways to protect your information online is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) from a trusted vendor. VPNs provide a “secure tunnel” that encrypts data being sent and received between your device and the internet.

Look for HTTPS: Many companies use secure websites — HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) — to provide online security. You can tell if a website is secure if it has “https” in its URL and has a small lock symbol next to it. However, even though the website itself might be safe, your personal information could be vulnerable if your network connection isn’t secure.

Sharing Less is Best: Think twice before entering any type of personal information – from passwords, to financial details and photos – over public Wi-Fi networks. Even if you’re not actively sharing the information, your device may be doing so for you. Many devices are programmed to automatically seek connections to other devices on the same network, which could cause your files to be vulnerable. Be sure to disable sharing on your devices to ensure what’s yours stays yours.’ (source: cxotoday.com)

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