Spring Cleaning Your Business

In nature, Spring represents a time of rebirth and revitalization for the environment. It’s also the perfect time for your business to go through a similar transformation and reality check. When you clear away unnecessary clutter and put in place a plan that can help you get and stay organized, it will help your business thrive.

Here are some great tips from different business owners and experts in their respective fields that understand the value keeping things clean and organized in order to promote the best business flow and growth:

Find Out Where Your Time Is Being Spent

Every quarter, Krish Chopra, director of operations at clinical rotations company United Medical Rotations, likes to step back and measure where he spent most of his time. He splits this up into two metrics: “in-the-business” activity and “on-the-business” activity. “If I don’t have the space to be creative and work on my business (growth, new initiatives, strategy, etc.), then I know I need to tweak my systems. A mentor once told me that anything in the business can be delegated or outsourced, as long as you understand where your time should be spent.” In all, Chopra recommends mapping out your workflow from start to finish if you’re really to find out what’s slowing your company down.

Focus On Retention

Like any smart business owner, Brooke Peterson, co-founder of charitable social media referral company Causely, sets up metrics and KPIs tied to her company’s goals. But in her eyes, to put complete trust in them would be a mistake. “We place a great deal of value in engaging with our customers and understanding what’s working and what’s not based on their perspective. As we collect customer feedback, we measure it against the other metrics and data we’ve collected.”That’s why to truly clean up your business operations, Peterson recommends looking at every operation tied to your ability to grow and keep customers. “Your ability to monetize, influence, upsell, etc., are dependent on your ability to deliver a good product or service. If you can’t bring people in and can’t keep them happy, then all other aspects of your company are meaningless. (Young Entrepreneur Council, forbes.com)”

Staying on top of where your business is and where you want it to go requires people who are able to work well together and a sound communication system that can keep them effectively connected to each other and reach out to clients old and new. Learn more about how NuEdge Communications can help get your business communication clean for the Spring and keep you connected all year long!

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