Why SIP Trunking Is Right For Your Business

Not only is SIP Trunking one of the many services we offer at NuEdge Communications, it is something that is gaining a lot of popularity amongst businesses.

So, what is SIP Trunking exactly? “SIP (which stands for Session Initiation Protocol)Trunking is an alternate mechanism used to connect phone lines into an organization’s business telephone system. At one time the primary type of phone line was an analog line, and although it’s still available, has now been primarily replaced by PRI circuits. A SIP trunk is essentially a telephone line, similar to the analog line and PRI circuit, but is delivered into the business phone system through a broadband or Ethernet connection.” (digitcom.ca)

Increased speed is just one of the many reasons why SIP Trunking has become such a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. “In some cases, you cannot connect to new T1 or PRI trunks so SIP trunking is your only choice. But often, businesses choose to implement SIP trunking to receive a number of benefits. SIP trunking usually:

  • Lowers costs compared to T1/PRI trunks
  • Creates a flexible service
  • Offers new services such as free on-net (SIP to SIP) calling
  • Delivers flexible business continuity” (nojitter.com)

At NuEdge Communications your business communications specialist, we can help ensure that your company’s line of communication is optimized with the right SIP Trunking connection. Click to learn more and connect with us today!

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