How The Millenial Generation will Shape the New Business Communication

New Business Communication Will Be Shaped by Generation
The fundamentals of how a business operates haven’t changed much over time; offering a product/service that serves a particular need, and providing the best customer service possible. When it comes to how the message is sent in order to reach these prospective clients there has been much change and growth, with social media leading the platforms of this list. The same can be said about business communication tactics that are used to connect with potential clients/partners or existing staff.

The millenial generation (usually defined as those between the age of 18-34 that are heavily reliant on the newer forms of technology and communication and use it frequently throughout their everyday lives) is one that needs to be accounted for and catered to. The following is one of the elements of communication which is important to focus on in order to appeal to this particular demographic:

Chat Apps
Chat apps are altering consumer behavior. The wide adoption of chat apps and texting is remodeling the way people communicate online, including via email. A study by Adobe found that almost 70% of respondents believe text messaging is resulting in shorter, less formal emails. Chat apps are replacing email as the preferred mode of business-to-consumer interaction. More and more millennials — those between 18 and 34 years old — are finding that chat apps are a more reliable and convenient way to reach brands and service providers.’

Being aware of how communication is shifting over time will mean the difference between leading the way and getting left behind. Let NuEdge Communications help give your business be a leading edge when it comes to effective communication.

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