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Upon first glance you may think that this refers to how the NuEdge Communication brand in particular does business, but it’s much more than that. Edge computing is an IT trend that essentially helps to optimize and simplify data collection and management.

Edge computing also empowers businesses of all sizes and types to have access to their data information (when and where they may not have before). Here are some tips to ensure that your edge computing location is deployed quickly and effectively:

Integrated Infrastructure
If you need to quickly deploy multiple edge sites or upgrade edge technology to support new applications, integrated infrastructure systems are an option that you should consider. Integrated solutions today range from complete pre-engineered and prefabricated modular data centers, such as the one deployed by T-Systems, to fully enclosed rows to individual racks of varying sizes from full racks to half and even quarter racks. These systems can be customized to site needs, comprise all of the infrastructure required (power, cooling, security and so on) to support IT equipment, and can be deployed much faster than integrating components on site allows.

Enhanced Power Protection
Like in the data center, the reliability of edge locations depends on the power infrastructure. Unlike the data center, however, there has been a tendency in smaller edge locations to settle for “good enough” power protection. With capacity and criticality growing, that situation is changing. Even small edge locations are moving to compact double-conversion UPS systems capable of filtering out the full range of power disturbances, such as those created by elevator motors or electrical storms, without draining batteries. These systems typically deliver higher reliability and require less-frequent battery replacement than the line-interactive systems they are replacing.

Remote Monitoring
Regardless of whether you’re using an integrated system or discrete components, remote visibility into edge sites is essential to monitoring performance and managing service. Communications cards embedded in the UPS can collect and communicate operating and environmental data to a central infrastructure-monitoring, infrastructure-management or building-management system. Continuous monitoring across multiple edge locations provides the visibility to better schedule preventive maintenance, and react faster to events.’ (Jack Pouchet, datacenterjournal.com).

At NuEdge Communications your business communications professional, keeping your business and staff connected to all necessary data is what we do. Contact us to learn how we can ensure that your digital networking and communication needs are effectively met!

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