Communication: Taking A Radically Transparent Approach

Here at NuEdge Communication we think it’s important to be transparent with everything we do; the more we can educate people on our process and why using our products/services is a good decision for their business, the better off that business will be.

Being radically transparent in business is important as it helps educate the particular audience which is being catered to and helps them feel like they are being actively engaged with. ‘Radical transparency is the idea that a business should make all information about anything that happens within its walls (excluding sensitive medical and financial data) readily available to anyone at all times; by facilitating a more creative and collaborative working culture, radical transparency can support companies in their business objectives. Radical transparency can also boost productivity, simply by improving the way information is communicated and shared. A culture of radical transparency can also inspire healthy competition among teams, such as sales and marketing, who are otherwise disposed to competition.’ (Peter Linas,

Communication is always the key to any type of relationship (whether business or personal) and any method which can optimize how is an asset. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your company improve it’s communication and stimulate business growth.

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