Business Mobility

As time continues to progress, so to does the way in which things get done. When it comes to how business is conducted, mobile has always been an element of modern thinking; the more it is embraced, the better and more easily businesses will be able to grow.

The following represents how enterprise mobility solutions can benefit your business:

The emergence of the IoT

Embracing “mobility” does not just mean being able to join a conference call, answer an email or chat to colleagues on Whatsapp. The emergence of the Internet of Things has also spurred on mobility within the enterprise, and changed the way we think of devices.

Whereas 5 years ago, a mobile device was a laptop or phone, today, a device can mean anything that’s connected to the internet, from sensors, to wearables, to cameras, to clothing. The number of internet connected devices are rapidly increasing, as businesses and consumers alike are embracing the opportunities they can offer.

Gartner has predicted that 20 billion connected devices will be in use by 2020, with a significant proportion of these being found in the enterprise.

Now, employees have an array of opportunities to work and collect data remotely.

Moving away from legacy, towards innovation

Business process management software is another area where technology has evolved to support mobility. And yes, these include the likes of ERP and CRM, which are still shaking off their reputation of being legacy systems, largely due to overblown and overspent projects in the 1990s.

In the last few years however, a vast amount of innovation has happened in response to customer demand, opening them up to external developers with APIs . One key enhancement is that we now have the ability to sync the software to a myriad of devices, allowing for real time business process management and integration of IoT data.

This development has given employees the ability to perform business processes away from a computer. For example, a customer support agent stuck on a bus in traffic will still be able to respond to customer queries even if they’re not in the office.’ (Andres Richter,

At NuEdge Communications, your business communication professional, we can help your organization fully embrace mobile. Learn more about our business mobility services and contact us today!

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