2017 Business Communications Trends


A new year is almost upon us which means a few things: if there were particular goals that weren’t reached (or greatly exceeded), there’s a clean slate to set new challenges and keep growing both personally and professionally, and there are also many new business trends/capabilities to look forward to.

When it comes to some of the business communication trends to focus on and look forward to in the new year, they include:

“E-Commerce vs. Customer Relationship Management

While millennial customers are often more welcoming of digital versus traditional bricks and mortar delivery of products and services, businesses will face greater pressure from customers who prefer a more tactile experience. Customer relationship training involving boosting interpersonal communication skills for remaining client-facing staff will become more important in the struggle to maintain customer loyalty.

Interactive Sessions

In addition to many technological enhancements, managers will also draw on the benefits of interactive workshops. As an alternative to engaging in cyberspace and a means to bring together off-site workers, they will often use collaborative group and individual workshops and conversations to foster daily collaborative activities online.


With a greater emphasis on digital communication, organizations will need to focus on building trust both with clients as well as with employees. If you’re not careful, digital communication can lead to a lack of a personal touch, which hinders relationship development and creates barriers to community building. Internally, a big part of this shift will be driven by online workspaces. These have a social component that further supports creativity and diversity of thought in smaller workspaces. This relative intimacy, makes employees comfortable and more likely to have meaningful discussions in these less formal settings.” (Evan Thompson, founder of Evan Thompson and Associates)

We look forward to being able to help provide your brand with the best in what advanced technological business communications has to offer. The NuEdge Communications experience blends the best of the latest communication techniques with quality customer service. Let us help your business get and stay connected in 2017 and beyond!

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