The Benefits of Reconditioned Equipment

There’s a certain allure that comes with anything that’s new; be it the physical aesthetic, feel or even smell (new car smell for instance). New however doesn’t always mean better (or the most economical) so it’s important to remain open to the multitude of options that are available.

Using reconditioned equipment can actually be quite beneficial for your business (as long as said equipment is still in excellent working order and is able to meet or exceed a set standard of quality). ” One of the reasons you don’t see more refurbished products in the spotlight is because people like the idea of buying something new.The perception that there might be a problem with the product lasting a long time prevents many from taking a chance on a refurbished item. Taking the items apart and reassembling them to work properly — in a sellable condition — means having experts available who can take the electronics apart, identify the problem, replace the offending parts and reassemble them. The cost of labor, transportation, replacement parts and repackaging and reshipping are all things a company has to consider when implementing its refurbishing program. But when taking into account the costs of recycling defective materials, buying new ones and the cost of losing customers over a string of defective products, it can be in a company’s best interest to bring used and broken electronics back to market in top-notch condition.” (Chris Pollette,

Here at NuEdge Communications, your business communication specialist, all of our available reconditioned equipment is thoroughly inspected and tested to be ready to go before it’s sold. You can rest assured that any product from NuEdge (whether new or reconditioned) will be of the highest standard for quality and functionality and all is back with full warranty support covering parts and labour if installed by NuEdge. See our current reconditioned equipment inventory here and contact us to learn more all of our communication solutions.

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