Avaya Acquires ‘Spoken Communications’

Avaya Acquires 'Spoken Communications' - NuEdge Communications
One of our long term partners Avaya has recently acquired Spoken Communications, a leading innovator in Contact Center as as Service (CaaS) solutions for business. At NuEdge Communication we believe in optimizing business communications for our clients, and this recent development begs the question as to whether an acquisition of this level and of this type makes sense and is to the benefit of their respective clienteles. The answer? Absolutely.

Business Acquisition

‘With this acquisition, Avaya’s large contact center customer base around the world will have a clear migration path to the cloud,” said Jim Chirico, president and CEO of Avaya. “Customers can retain all the functionality of their existing premises-based technology and seamlessly migrate that functionality, at their pace, to achieve all the benefits of cloud.”

Spoken’s cloud-native, multitenant architecture is seamlessly integrated with Avaya Aura and Elite technologies. As a result, it also provides a robust architecture for both Avaya’s omnichannel offerings, such as Oceana, and its Unified Communications as a Service solutions.

In addition, customers will gain access to Spoken’s specialized agent quality software applications and services, as well as Spoken’s IntelligentWire contact center automation solutions. IntelligentWire uses artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies on live voice conversations to reduce after-call work, drive more intelligent responses and gain deeper insight into customer sentiment and experience.’ (source: markets.businessinsider.com)

We have no doubt that this acquisition (and any other like it within our field) is to the benefit of the client, and will only serve to further facilitate improved innovation and growth. Learn more about our partnership with Avaya and contact us at NuEdge today!

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