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Business communication is a fluid concept that is constantly evolving. Your ability to consistently meet the changing needs of today’s business is crucial. Furthermore, providing your clients with the best possible solutions is improved when a sound operational foundation of an effective Ottawa communications system and network exists whether on premise or in the cloud. We are able to offer our clients the best business communications solutions possible, and our contract support services help reinforce this. Isn’t it time you offered your clients improved business communications solutions?

For Business Communications Solutions, Contract Support Services

Ensuring your business is functioning at an optimal level requires a system that is able to maintain communication, and as a result can quickly offer a remedy if an issue ever arises. When this exists, peace of mind can occur. At NuEdge Communications our contract support solutions offer our clients a way to ensure effective communication continuity. We are able to achieve this through:

  • On-Site Support – Guaranteed Response within 2 hours of your service call.
  • Remote Access – We connect directly into your phone system to resolve problems or make any required changes
  • Remote Support – This allows for faster resolution as well as giving our customers an opportunity to monitor the troubleshooting process. Our remote support is also a more economical way to troubleshooting which helps to maintain customer satisfaction.

Maintenance Plans

We also offer varied maintenance plans tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and improve communication service. They most often include the following:

  • 100% replacement parts coverage for all parts and licensing included in the plan
  • 100% labour coverage on everything within the plan
  • Priority servicing with service level agreement (SLA)
  • Consultation and Support

With 24/7 service coverage for flexible cost effective plans, we help the communication aspect of your business function at an optimal level, thereby promoting improved peace of mind.

Service You Can Trust

Our goal is to help our clients achieve effective business communications solutions. With or without one of our maintenance plans a NuEdge Communications expert can help. Read more about our maintenance and moves solutions and contact us today!

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