Why Promptly Responding to Calls & Emails is Important

It's Critical to Return Calls and Emails Promptly

There are many important moving parts when it comes to effectively running a business: firstly, having a solid mission from which you build your brand around. Next, having a team that works hard, has great chemistry and is able to work toward the common goal which is the company’s mission. Finally, providing the best products/services possible and knowing the best ways in which to connect and engage with clientele.

Understanding business etiquette and engagement when it comes to how you deal with your clients is crucial. Responding to requests, questions/comments promptly is necessary. Here are some important considerations for when and how to respond to clientele across different platforms:


Some customers prefer to speak with a service representative on the phone rather than sending impersonal emails or Internet requests. In the service industry, customers generally have an immediate need when they call. For this reason, phone support should be readily available. If this is not always possible, respond to voice mails promptly. To gauge the effectiveness of your customer service department, you may randomly monitor phone calls. This allows you to hear the interaction between your staff and customers and to determine whether employee training is required. Monitoring is normally done in-house or through a third-party provider. Stay on top of other telecommunication requests, such as those made via fax.


Improved technology enables businesses to sell their products through various online channels. However, face-to-face contact is still a core aspect of the service industry. First impressions are lasting. Specifically, how you respond to — and treat — customers from the onset determines whether they will come back and recommend you to others. For example, greeting them cordially, asking probing questions to figure out what they truly need, and responding promptly and accurately to inquiries show customers that you are dedicated to helping them. Customer wait time should also be minimized. For example, if your clothing store has lots of traffic, employ adequate staff and train them to serve customers in a quick and satisfying manner. Further, in the restaurant and hospitality industries, many employees rely on tips for a portion of their income. If patrons are dissatisfied because of long wait times or poor service, it negatively impacts employees’ tips.

Digital Requests

Online mediums, such as email and website tools, allow customers to make requests digitally and in written format. This is an effective way of documenting service requests and generating a paper trail for correspondences. Customers expect timely responses to such requests; therefore, they should not be disregarded or delayed simply because they are in digital format. Some companies offer live online support that provides customers with immediate resolution to their inquiries. Email requests should be examined on a case-by-case basis and responded to accordingly. Process emails one at a time and respond according to priority. In some cases, you can give immediate and definitive email responses. In other instances, a concrete response may take some time. In the latter case, promptly respond to the customer and explain that you will get back to her by a certain time frame. Respond to emails and online inquiries within 24 hours of receipt.” (Grace Ferguson, smallbuiness.chron.com)

At NuEdge Communications, your business communications specialist, not only do we ensure that we promptly respond to all of our clients and potential clientele in a timely manner, we can help your business effectively do the same. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business today!

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