How Mobile and Stationary Networks Work Together

The Interaction of Stationary and Mobile Networks

In order for a business to stay on the cutting edge of the competition it needs to ensure it is technologically up to par.  Mobile has become a large part of how we communicate and it’s important to use that to your advantage.

It’s also noteworthy how mobile is affecting stationary data networks. “In 2017 mobile data networks will become relevant for stationary devices. Because the cost to network-enable simple devices is dropping, businesses will begin to optimise IoT sensors and devices around cost, not speed. Network connectivity components will also be optimised around cost, as IoT communication requires little bandwidth and tolerates most network latency issues. Service providers now recognise IoT as a sub-market and, as a result, will offer usage plans built around the nature of IoT traffic for the first time. All of this adds up to a much more favourable set of economic conditions for IoT deployment, making stationary devices more relevant and useful than ever.” (Mitch Black,

How great would it be to have a WIFI application on your mobile phone that connects you to your business communications system (and therefore to your clients) wherever you are? At NuEdge Communication, your business communications specialist, we’ll work closely with your business to create an optimal network system which can effectively meet all of your needs.

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