How The IoT Can Affect Your Business

The Potential Impact of IoT on Your Company

Firstly, to those who may not know what IoT stands for, it’s simply the abbreviated form of ‘Internet of Things’. The internet is closely linked to the digital world which we’re all a part of today and how we connect with others.

Knowing the best way to navigate your business through this world can make a world of difference when it comes communication and engagement. The following are some great IoT trends which can be beneficial for your company:

Business Intelligence

IoT devices generate large amounts of data, depending on the sensors they contain and how they are programmed. Companies collect the resulting data feeds and analyze them, often in real time, making operations aware of conditions so they can make adjustments to the equipment, examine usage patterns and schedule maintenance.

Connecting With Customers

Many customer-oriented appliances, such as thermostats, televisions and security cameras, already include IoT capabilities and deliver information to the manufacturers about usage and malfunctions. Progressive manufacturers make the data they collect from devices accessible to customers and implement alerts and insights to improve the user experience.

Engagement Across the Enterprise

Connected devices are changing the way employees work together to get more done in less time. Communication enabled through traditional channels such as voice, email and even video conferencing are being supplemented by IoT devices that bring physical presence to a new level. (Scott Koegler,

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