The Future of VoIP

The future may be uncertain, but it will no doubt be bright. How do we know? As technology continues to develop, where and how its used continues to evolve. VoIP (Voice over IP) communication is a great example of this.

‘When VoIP burst onto the communication scene 20 years ago, businesses were skeptical about how wise it was to carve voice calls up into data packets that were then sent over the internet. Although VoIP deeply discounted the costs of long distance and international calls, businesses had to be sure they could hear every word and the call wouldn’t drop when deals were on the line. This was the era of VoIP Innovators.

By 2015, VoIP had moved into the Early Majority stage as more business buyers chose VoIP solutions than any other type of voice service. VoIP is now taking the place of public switched telephone networks (PSTN) as the business communications backbone of the future and copper twisted pair cables are fading into history.

This year, a report by Technavio on projected global VoIP deployments suggests that VoIP will grow at a rate of a 9.87% through at least 2021. The report also pointed to three factors moving business VoIP into the next stage of its life-cycle:

The increasingly mobile workforce
BYOD as the new normal
Greater coverage by 3G/4G/5G hotspots

Each of these factors interacts with and amplifies the effects of the others.’ (Sasha Viasasha,

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