Structured Cabling For a New Era

As technology evolves and improves, so to must the people and businesses that use them. Structured cable for example, is the nerve system of your organization’s network and a critical component of how your business is able to operate.

When it comes to being able to manage larger amounts of data, innovations regarding structured cabling are important and a necessary part of growth.

“Decisions in networking architecture have cause and effect implications in the structured cabling required for hyperscale data centres. Traditional structured cabling deployments in the data centre space were based on infrastructure designs using pre-terminated MTP assemblies ranging in fibre count from 12 to 144 fibres. The architecture examples cited earlier require a magnitude of order increase in fibre count. As these types of deployments become necessary, it is important to consider the impact of application, environment, and installation methods required to provide High Fibre Count (HFC) connectivity.

As the data centre environment evolves, the cabling and connectivity to support its needs must change and evolve as well. The use of multiple cables can fill available pathway space quickly, reducing the physical space available for future growth. An improved approach would include installation of a single high fibre count trunk, with 288, 576, 864 or even 1728 fibres. These HFC trunks go beyond the simple DIY nature of MTP plug and play installation.” (Clive Hogg,

Here at NuEdge Communications, your business communication specialist, we can help ensure that the key components of digital side of your organization are working the way they should be. From structured cabling and everything else in between, we can effectively meet your needs. Contact us to learn more!

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