PBX Upgrades

Cost effective hybrid upgrades provide cost effective migration to newer features and tools while maintaining investment protections for some of your legacy components

Platforms requiring upgrades

Norstar/BCM to Avaya IP-Office:
Norstar’s have been discontinued for over a decade and the BCM although a more recent discontinuation will be fully End of Support by Avaya in 2017. Avaya has ensured a high level of investment protection by enabling the new IP Office system to support the legacy Nortel digital sets. They are currently providing additional incentives to incent adoption of the new technology. The IP Office supports a hybrid environment with a blend of the old sets combined with new IP sets or IP Softphones. Upgrade packages are also available for those upgrading from the CS1K platform.

Mitel 200/200ICP to Mitel MiBusiness enterprise platform:
The Mitel 200 and 2000 systems, and the 200ICP MX and CX versions have been made end of life by Mitel and no longer receive manufacturer support. In some instances the legacy cabinets and telephones can be migrated forward as well as the digital telephones. Mitel is providing upgrade incentives to prompt adoption of the new technology. In those instances where the digital equipment and sets can be reused the Mitel will support hybrid configurations blending new IP Hard and Soft phones with the legacy digital terminals.

Maintenance and Moves/Adds/Changes

Flexible and Cost effective maintenance plans to suit your business and your budget. Whether you require 24/7 or 8-5 service coverage, we have parts and labor service plans to meet your needs