Business Mobility

As time continues to progress, so to does the way in which things get done. When it comes to how business is conducted, mobile has always been an element of modern thinking; the more it is embraced, the better and more easily businesses will be able to grow. The following represents how enterprise mobility solutions […]

Networking Improvements for 2018

New year, new me…or better yet, new year, better version of the same me. The way we can evolve personally and professionally is to thoroughly assess the things around us; do more of what works well, less of what doesn’t and have an open mind to embrace positive change that can facilitate growth. When it […]

New Year, New Structured Cable Solution

2018 is here, which means that everyone gets a fresh start to everything. It’s normal for people to make resolutions, but it’s the following through with them which seems to provide the most difficulty. The remedy for this? Ensuring that your foundation is solid. Whether for your personal or professional life, a having a solid […]

The Future of VoIP

The future may be uncertain, but it will no doubt be bright. How do we know? As technology continues to develop, where and how its used continues to evolve. VoIP (Voice over IP) communication is a great example of this. ‘When VoIP burst onto the communication scene 20 years ago, businesses were skeptical about how […]

Business Continuity

Creating a business and ensuring it’s running properly means understanding that it’s important to view things from all angles and that includes planning for the worst. Are you prepared if an information breach occurs or your connections to your communications system go down? The right business continuity plan means that you are able to maintain […]

Making Improvements in Business Communication

The only constant in life (and business), is change. Since things are constantly evolving, being on the right side of that movement requires effective partnerships with companies that are constantly monitoring how technology is being used, how to optimize it and how to facilitate effective growth with the technologies based on an organizations business needs. […]

NuEdge: Your One Stop Business Communication Shop

Running an effective business requires proper communication; being able to connect with people staff, partners and current and potential clients in person is important, but when distance is a facot, being able to rely on methods of digital communication to stay connected is crucial. You depend on your phone system..make sure you can depend on […]

Developing the Right Contact Centre

What makes your particular organization unique is not just your product/service offerings (chances are your audience has many options to choose from out there, regardless of industry) but rather how you approach your clientele. Being able to provide a custom and direct connection to your audience is the best way to keep them effectively engaged, […]

Maintaining Your Organization’s Communication

Being able to effectively communicate digitally (both internally within your business, and externally with partners and clients) is important. Setting up reliable elements of communication is key…but, ensuring that they are properly and regularly maintained, is also crucial. “Some very smart people with innovative technologies have given us the luxury of being able to choose […]

An Intelligent Office of the Future

Ideas of the future have long been shaped by predictions of certain organizations, and even what has been presented via books, television and film; the only thing about the future we know for sure is that it will be more reliant on new technology and will constantly evolve, which means that your business has to […]