3 Ways Call Recording is Beneficial for Business

There is not one clear path toward achieving business success; what may work for one particular organization within a set industry, may not work for another. However, there are tools which are designed to improve the business experience and promote growth. At NuEdge Communications we offer solutions made to meet specific needs that can evolve […]

Taking Your Business to New Digital Heights

The idea that ‘technology is constantly evolving’ is something we stress a lot through our blogs, but what does it really mean? For individuals it represents the ability to stay connected with each other and changes how we conduct certain processes. For business the same rules apply, but on a much greater scale. Our goal […]

How Virtualization Can Elevate Your Business

When it comes to running a business, knowing how to ‘go with the flow’ is important. It’s impossible to predict all potential challenges that you may encounter over time, but the more open you are to the using technology, the more prepared you will be for evolving and elevating your business to the next level. […]

How to Improve the Efficiency of Your Business

Facilitating an environment where your business is always running at an optimal level is important. At NuEdge Communications our goal is to ensure that the business communication devices and networks for Ottawa businesses and beyond are functioning as efficiently as possible. Regardless of the size or particular offerings of your business, efficiency is important, and […]

Mitel Aligns with ‘Westcon-Comstor’

Last week we discussed how one of our partners Avaya was growing by partnering with ‘Spoken Communications in order to better serve their clientele and facilitate positive business evolution. Another one of our partners Mitel has recently aligned with Westcon-Comstor in order to strengthen specific go-to-markets. Effective Business Growth Through Partnership “As companies increasingly look […]

Avaya Acquires ‘Spoken Communications’

One of our long term partners Avaya has recently acquired Spoken Communications, a leading innovator in Contact Center as as Service (CaaS) solutions for business. At NuEdge we believe in optimizing business communications for our clients, and this recent development begs the question as to whether an acquisition of this level and of this type […]

How Flexible Networks Facilitate Improved Business Growth

Improved technology and business growth go hand in hand. Businesses that are digitally minded from the start understand the benefits of using technology to their advantage, however organizations that choose to adopt technology later on are still able to embrace its benefits, over those that decide not to use tech to their advantage at all. […]

Business Mobility

As time continues to progress, so to does the way in which things get done. When it comes to how business is conducted, mobile has always been an element of modern thinking; the more it is embraced, the better and more easily businesses will be able to grow. The following represents how enterprise mobility solutions […]

Networking Improvements for 2018

New year, new me…or better yet, new year, better version of the same me. The way we can evolve personally and professionally is to thoroughly assess the things around us; do more of what works well, less of what doesn’t and have an open mind to embrace positive change that can facilitate growth. When it […]

New Year, New Structured Cable Solution

2018 is here, which means that everyone gets a fresh start to everything. It’s normal for people to make resolutions, but it’s the following through with them which seems to provide the most difficulty. The remedy for this? Ensuring that your foundation is solid. Whether for your personal or professional life, a having a solid […]