How a Mobility Strategy can Improve Your Company’s Communication

Gone are the days of businesses only being relegated to brick and mortar; the digital age that we’re in means that the growth of a business needs to be mobilized.

Establishing the right mobile strategy for your business can help take your company to new heights in terms of how you’re able to communicate with staff (no matter where they happen to be in the world) and networking with potential clients. Here are some of the reasons why your company should consider developing a mobile strategy sooner rather than later:

The number of mobile workers increases every day
According to industry analyst firm, IDC, there were 3.35 billion mobile workers worldwide in 2014 and that number is expected to climb to 3.71 billion by 2018.2 To be effective, mobile workers must be able to perform in the same way they would in the office, with full access to desktops, applications and files. If a business wants to attract and retain valuable workers who have advanced skill-sets, a flexible mobile or remote working environment may be necessary.

Securely access company apps and data
A well-designed managed mobility strategy will include Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to facilitate employee use of smartphones and tablets while also securing company applications and data. A strong EMM strategy helps employees be more productive by providing them with the tools they need to perform work-related tasks on mobile devices. EMM typically involves mobile device management and the ability to lock-down a compromised phone, mobile application management to control user access to company applications and mobile information management to control which applications can access corporate data or transmit it.

Flexible, scalable growth for your business
Managed mobility services can scale quickly, allowing a business with remote workers to grow exponentially. A virtual employee base allows companies to dramatically expand their potential new hire candidates. Managed mobility allows a company to select the best candidate, no matter where they are located, helping businesses to compete more effectively by recruiting the most qualified talent without spending large sums on costly relocation.”

When you put your company in the hands of a business communication expert such as NuEdge Communications you’ll be able to facilitate a specific type of growth that can more easily adapt to the future of communication and business as a whole.

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