Maintaining Business Communication When Relocating Your Business

What is the one thing that all businesses want? Steady and regular growth! Being able to offer the best product/service consistently is an important part of stimulating that growth and helping to further authenticate a brand. But, what happens when the growth that you’ve been working so hard for actually occurs?

Expanding a business can entail many different things (offering new products/services, etc) but if you are planning to physically relocate your business due to growth, there are certain things to take into consideration beforehand in order to make the move as smooth as possible and minimize any interruptions related to business communication. Here are some ways to make an effective business move strategy:

  • Timing: One company suggested establishing an official relocation task force one year prior to the relocation date. Others noted that it should be established as soon as there is any indication a move may take place (even if a company is merely at risk of a forced move).
  • Intra-company communication: Involvement of all departments is important in effectively preparing for relocation. This includes involving all business functions (GA, HR, public relations, etc.) and impacted business units in active dialogue.
  • Seeking consultation by third parties: Some companies suggest employing a third party consultancy to assess potential risks in the relocation process and provide supplemental advice directly to the relocation task force.

At NuEdge Communications your business communication specialist, we can help make your business transition as smooth as possible. We will take into consideration such things as carrier services planning (dial tone, internet, etc), structured cabling set up in your new space, hardware relocation, in order to coordinate the most effective move possible. Contact one of our experts today!

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