Improving Your Business with Call Accounting


Running a business isn’t easy, but it can be quite rewarding once it is done in the most efficient and effective way. A lot of times it may feel like the only reward for hard work is more work, but when you establish a system that can help in terms of distribution and efficiency things seem to get a bit simpler. Enter a call accounting system.

“Call accounting tracks every phone call made or received by every
extension in the workplace and sums it up into deliciously digestible tidbits of
information (aka call reports) that save companies money, improve
productivity, and help measure, change, and improve the way the entire
business communicates.


Here are a few of the improvements your business could expect to make if
you choose to utilize call accounting:

Improve Accountability on Telecom Costs
With accurate call costing, call accounting can help organizations to keep on
top of telecom charges in real-time, not just when the carrier bill arrives. By
automating usage reports by day, week, or month, department heads won’t
get a surprise when their budget is hit at the end of the month. Plus, by
making employees accountable for their usage (such as unnecessary 411
charges), it encourages a reduction of unnecessary charges.

Because All Calls Matter
No matter how exciting online marketing has gotten, old-fashioned ringing
phones are still a highly prized sign that business is good. According to
BIA/Kelsey, 65% of businesses consider phone calls to be their best, most
productive lead source. Call accounting can make this so easy! By measuring
how many inbound calls your business is generating, and tracking DNIS or
DID numbers back to a marketing campaign, your marketers can revel in the
accuracy and get to crunching those ROI numbers.

Try Right-Sizing On for Size
By tracking call activity throughout the day, call accounting solutions give your IT team the voice tra8c analysis data they need to make sure your voice network is the right size. Not too small causing peak periods when callers cannot get through.”

The best way to determine how effective a call accounting system could be for your business is to connect with a business communications specialist. At NuEdge Communications we’ll work closely with you and your company in order to develop the perfect strategy to meet specific needs and stimulate growth and a smoother running system.

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