The Importance of Structured Cabling

Your structured cabling infrastructure is the nerve centre of any connected network. This means that your business’ daily operations are reliant on said network, which means it’s imperative to have it regularly maintained and/or updated to ensure that your business is operating at a high level.
What’s more, the connectivity of devices and digitalization of things doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. “Digitalization of the economy without a sufficient network infrastructure is like a railway without tracks. An increase in demand for integrated solutions for network infrastructures in 2017 is predicted. Cabling with copper and fiber optic systems is still required as the physical foundation for digitalization – in the same way that tracks are required for transportation by rail. But these days it is more than just a question of cabling; the building and network infrastructures themselves have to be digitized.’ First of all, the basis of a network needs to have the right dimensions and level of reliability in order to cope with the wide-ranging applications of the future,” says Andreas Rüsseler. He adds that, given the high expectations for the age of the digitized economy, it is easy to forget that network installations are just as necessary as apps, computers, data centers, and the billions of things that are connected to the internet – the Internet of Things. The structured cabling market alone is growing by about three percent every year. Hardware manufacturer Cisco estimates that 50 billion sensors will be connected to the Internet of Things by 2020, while chip manufacturer Intel predicts that, by 2030, some 200 billion items, appliances, devices, machines, and buildings will have an internet connection.”
Wouldn’t it be wise to entrust this crucial part of your business’ network to a company with over 20+ years of experience designing and deploying structured cabling solutions? At NuEdge Communications, your business communication specialists, we’ll ensure that your company’s structured cable is maintained and effectively optimized in order to facilitate the smoothest running system possible.

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