Why a Fax over IP Solution is Right for your Business


Living in a modern era means that it’s important to embrace the technology that comes along with it, or adapt a more traditional device so it can work better in today’s fast paced world. IP fax services is a perfect example.

Here are some of the benefits of a fax over IP solution and how it can work wonders for your business:

  • Track and trace: Never experience fax loss. Keep records of every fax transaction and configure retention policies based on your compliance requirements. With a FoIP solution in place, the location of the fax server is independent of the user. Fax server deployment can, therefore, be reduced to one or two strategically located data centers.
  • Enhanced business productivity: Fax server technology sits at the heart of the communications infrastructure and can be used to enhance a company’s ability to streamline business process automation and improve document management. Investment in FoIP solutions provides an opportunity to integrate communications and document management more fully into corporate workflows.
  • Lower maintenance costs: With an IP fax solution fax traffic enters the IP environment via a gateway rather than through the PBX. As the maintenance costs of routers are significantly less than those for a PBX regular maintenance contract costs can be greatly reduced.
  • Lower operating costs: Complex network infrastructures made up of disparate technologies are common in medium to large enterprises. Complexity is forced on the company as it expands and having to operate separate data and telephone networks adds to this issue. Integration of data, voice and fax communications over the IP network eliminates the need for a telephone network and allows support resources and personnel to be focused on the data network.

At NuEdge Communications, your business communications specialist we provide the most effective solutions to ensure that your business is always moving forward in the most optimized way possible.

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