Enterprise Mobility Management

The future isn’t a destination, but rather a state of mind. The evolution of technology is something that is always moving forward; there is no finite place where technology will go, so it’s important to stay up to date with where it currently is and where it’s going.

The use of mobile technology has really grown in the past decade; its applications in business have become more prevalent (with smartphones, tablets, etc.) and now wearable technology is being integrated into the effectiveness of its use as well. Wearable tech includes different complimentary accessories and devices (such as improved bluetooth headgear, smart watches, etc) for smartphone technology. “Wearable technology is expected to grow tremendously in the near future. Research gurus like Gartner and McKinsey predict numbers for wearables to reach almost $2 trillion by 2020 and $33 trillion by 2025 respectively. Of course, more wearables in the business market would also mean more security risk. An adoption drive for wearables into business operations should be backed by an equally strong enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.

The growing influx of wearables in workplaces would automatically translate into a need for solutions to help assimilate wearables in industry workflows. Though employee productivity and efficiency is one of its strong points, the real challenge is to balance the gains against risks such as data leakage, loss of device and unsafe practices.” (Prakash Gupta, techopedia.com)

Creating an effective mobile strategy for your business that is open to include wearable technology and the next generation of tech that will be used alongside mobile devices is important. Contact us to learn more about how we can ensure your mobile operations are where they should be and help you develop a sound plan for the future!

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