How Conference Calling Can Improve Your Business

The key to maintaining any functioning relationship (whether personal or professional) is through effective communication. When it comes to business specifically, the better the communication is, the better all systems and people connected to the business will run.

Conference calling is a great way to maintain communication efforts when members of the team are travelling, working remotely or distance separates key clients/partners. Here are some of the ways that conference calling can improve your business:

Reduced Expenses

Conference calls can also cut down on expenses. Bringing people in for a meeting who are scattered across the country can be a costly proposition. Expenses can include airfare, lodging, meals and rental cars. The lost productivity during the time it takes to travel to the meeting is also an expense to a company. Conference calling may involve the expense of upgrading the company phone system as well as incurring long-distance telephone charges, but these costs are typically miniscule when compared to travel expenses. When the conference call concludes, the parties can get back to work immediately and don’t have to wait to get back to the office to implement new ideas.

Personal Exchanges

Conference calling can also be more personal than exchanging emails or faxes. For home-based workers who telecommute, the ability to participate in a live meeting can help them feel more a part of the organization and reduce any feelings of isolation, which can improve their morale and often their productivity.’ (Chris Joseph,

At NuEdge Communications, your business communication specialist, we know the impact that effective communication equipment can have on your business. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your company stay better connected, with conference calling and many other options.

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